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Sunday Link Roundup

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Only two preseason games left and looks like some things are starting to shape up. 

Jason Terry is the sixth man.

"It appears to be going that way," Carlisle said. "I’ve talked to him a lot about it. He doesn’t care if he starts or doesn’t start, which is great.

And, it's looking pretty certain that Antoine Wright will be the starter next to Kidd.

"We're 12 days away," he said of the season opener. "We're getting closer, but there's been no decision yet. I like what Antoine's doing to start games. He's giving us a defensive presence and a ball-handling presence. He's been solid

One thing that isn't clear is who the backup PG will be.  JJ Barea hasn't had a great preseason, and Keith McLeod hasn't played due to injury.  The Mavs have restructred McLeod's contract so they can keep him on the roster longer for a better look.  Neither option is that reassuring, and Mike Fisher thinks a trade needs to happen to get a real number two.

The Mavs need to consider the acquisition of a real backup NBA point guard. Not a reclamation project. Not a pet. Not a maybe.


Charley Rosen previews the Southwest Dvision.


Jan Hubbard defends the Mavs from some of the criticism Magic Johnson had earlier in the week.


Two of Gerald Greens 29 points last night were pretty impressive.


And did Avery and Mark argue about Dirk's availabilty in trades?