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I'm glad that game last didn't really count because I would probably be in a bad mood this morning if it had. (Box Score | Highlights)  Fortunately it was just the preseason and the Bulls came back came against JaJuan Smith and Devean George.

Carlisle still hasn't officially said what the rotation will be, but based on the last couple of games it's looking pretty clear.

The starting lineup appears set: Jason Kidd, Antoine Wright, Josh Howard, Dirk Nowitzki and Erick Dampier. Jason Terry was first off the bench, initially at shooting guard before taking the point to spell Kidd.

Stackhouse and Gerald Green both entered the game late in the first quarter with Stackhouse at small forward with Terry and Green in the backcourt and then with Kidd and Green, who put together another impressive high-energy performance.

Green having a very good October and making a case for himself as 8th, 9th, or 10th man has probably been the nicest development of the preseason.  He scored 19 points in 16 minutes last night.


Eddie Sefko praises Kidd's zero point, eleven assist performance last night.  He did have a good game last night -- not Derrick Rose good, but good.


Scooter Hendon at the FWST blog is excited for the coming of a new season and says all of Dallas should be too.

So, look forward all of you that have been disaffected by the events of the last season. Look forward to a fresh 82 and a reset for some familiar elements. Look forward to your best player knowing what accomplishing a goal feels like and look for him to push your team toward a championship just as he finally pushed his national team into the Olympics. Look for a more mature coach with a better approach. But most of all, look forward to simply following the Mavericks for the next eight months. Hey, they can't be as bad as the previous eight.


Bass is hoping to play more at the forward positions this year.

"I hope to get some more chances with me, Dirk and one of the big guys in the game. Against certain teams, when the matchups present themselves, it could be good for the team."


Here's my favorite article of the day.  Mike Monroe from the San Antonio Express News says Spurs fans should fear the Mavs this season.

In a Western Conference that will be even more competitive this season, anyone expecting the Mavericks to slide to the end of the playoff bracket, or even out of the playoffs altogether, is making a bad mistake.

Under Johnson, the Mavericks emerged as a true rival for the Spurs. Cuban stoked the rivalry with insults about the dirty San Antonio River. He was smart enough to understand that antipathy is a marketable commodity.

Now there is another reason San Antonians can despise the Mavericks. Cuban fired one of their all-time heroes.

But there is even greater reason to fear the Mavs: Nowitzki is smiling again.



Good luxury tax breakdown over at True Hoop which obviously includes the Mavs.


Jerry Stackhouse took a technical FT last night while Dirk was on floor.


Mike Fisher has a Q&A with Art Garcia.