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Thursday Morning Roundup

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The Mavs play the Pacers tonight and then the preseason is over.  Awesome.  It's still a week until game one and Carlisle says the team will be busy refining things over the seven off days.

"There's still plenty of things for us to work on," coach Rick Carlisle said Wednesday. "Strategically, we'll space out our rest and our work. And we'll make the best of it, because we have no choice."

... "We're still a long way from being where we need to be as far as our attention to detail at both ends,"

In particular, limiting the turnovers and improving the defense.

"Defensively we’ve got a lot of work to do," Nowitzki said. "Our goal was to have fun offensively, to be a moving team, but to stay solid defensively.

"That’s one thing we didn’t want to give up. In that area we’re a step slow. Hopefully, we’ll be pretty sharp when the season starts."


And Eddie Sefko answers some mail.