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Monday Morning Links

Sefko has an article on Gerald Green and his unknown place in the rotation.

"Based on his preseason, he's certainly in the equation as a guy we got to consider for the rotation," Carlisle said. "But in the last game, you saw some of the things that have been his nemeses – over-dribbling a little bit, turnovers, a couple defensive mistakes. But he established over the first seven games some real consistency in those areas. So I don't look at those things as super-negatives."

Super-negative is a cool phrase which I'm going to steal.  Carlisle says he doesn't know if Green will be in the rotation against Houston, but I'd be pretty shocked if watches the entire game from the bench.


Jeff Caplan writes about Shawne Williams problems off the court and his positive outlook moving forward.

"I feel like I’m getting older and maturing a little bit more," Williams said. "I’m around a great group of guys in this program. I want to fit in. I don’t want to be the outsider.

The article references a short YouTube documentary about Williams which is here.

The Mavs have picked up the option on Williams contract for next season to prevent him from hitting free agency, but Mike Fisher is concerned it was a 2.4 million dollar gamble that might not have been worth taking.

Remember that a year ago, the Mavs exercised the same sort of option on Ager - inexplicably, we thought at the time, in that he had never shown a thing to that point...

Now, the Mavs roll the exact same dice on Shawne Williams. ... and we can only hope that in terms of dollars, sense and talent, he ends up paying more dividends than did Moe Ager.

I see the concern -- can the Mavs  already be certain he'll be worth that contract next year?  But honestly, I can't imagine that the $2.4 million will prevent the Mavs from making any other moves.  So it may end up hurting Cuban's wallet, but it shouldn't hurt Donnie Nelson's ability to improve the team.


Funny picture of Dirk from the Guitar Hero World Tour release party in Plano.