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Tuesday Links

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X's and O's of the Mavs new offense.  One thing I noticed right away from the preseason games is that Dallas has plays designed for Dirk to shoot 3's.  I like.


Jan Hubbard ranks the Western Conference and has Dallas 4th -- ahead of Houston and San Antonio.


Q&A with Antoine Wright.


Rick Carlisle's practices this week are focusing on the defense.

Carlisle has preached that the Mavs will be in trouble if they allow the transition offense to erode defensive principles.

"That’s why there aren’t a lot of running teams that are really good defensive teams," Carlisle said. "Defensive rebounding has to be a constant, because on nights when your shots aren’t going in, that’s what holds you in games.


Eddie Sefko writes about Dirk Nowitzki, how far he's come, how his game has evolved, Larry Bird comps etc...


Hubbard says the Mavs are still title contenders.


Hubbard also a has a list of predictions one of which is Devin Harris making the All-Star team.


Caplan has an article on the Mavs new youth.


The Mavs are ready for the season to start because a week of just practice is getting old.

"Right now, the long week has got everybody's concentration a little tipsy, and we got to fight through that. The practices are going to get a little shorter the next couple days as we get closer, but when we're in here, we got to get stuff done that we need to get done."


And Caplan writes about Carlisle coming in with a 'Championship' attitude.

"I think we’ve got a good team," Cuban said with unrestrained optimism. "We underperformed last year for a lot of reasons we’ve talked about way too many times. I think the guys are energized. I think the style of play fits our roster a lot better than it did last year and I think Rick Carlisle’s just come in and given us a shot in the arm. You can just feel it.