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The Coming of Another 82+

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I had a bit of nostalgia last week when CelticsBlog joined SBNation. It was about three years ago I stumbled across that site and immediately tried to find a Mavs counterpart.  I couldn't.  In fact, I couldn't find a single Mavs blog anywhere that had been updated in three months.  I couldn't believe it.  I had nothing better do at the time so I taught myself some basic html and and purchased the url

My first season of blogging Dallas reached the NBA Finals, and I have to admit that I thought maybe my site was good luck.  Then I was a guest on AOL sports radio after game two of the Finals and, when pushed, predicted that Dallas would go on to win the series in five games.  I will never forgive myself, although I will try and shift blame to Kevin Sherrington and Dallas City Hall.

The next season Dallas won 67 games and I thought I had been forgiven.  And then something which I had erased from my memory happened somewhere in California.  While I was still trying to rationalize it as "wrong team, wrong time" (/Shawne Williams) one of my favorite Mavs got traded for one of my least favorite.  It's probably one of the reasons I've never manged to be completely objective when discussing the trade -- which is one of the reasons I haven't very often.  Fortunately Jake was able to discuss it calmly and even positively -- and most importantly without swearing and wanting to throw something.

To be clear though, my disappearance from this site over the offseason had nothing to do with any of the above disappointments or any reduced enthusiasm for the Mavericks.  In fact, one year ago if I had been asked to list the four most disappointing moments in my life the list probably would have looked like this:

  1. Not getting accepted to SMU -- do your homework kids.
  2. The NBA Finals
  3. Having a girl turn me down when I asked her to Senior Homecoming
  4. The Golden State series
  5. The Mavs blowing a 30 point lead against the Lakers.

Then, just a few weeks after the Kidd trade, I got a new number one when the same girl from #3 asked for a divorce after a six year relationship and, unbelievably, just four months of marriage.  Using the Cliché "put things in perspective" is a bit of an understatement. 

I never planned to stop blogging over the offseason, but it happened.  And obviously when I don't post anything for three months --  there were weeks I didn't visit the site at all -- I can't scratch it all up to being busy or distracted.  I took a break, and I can't thank Toddy, Jake, and BrodyV (for a short time) for keeping the site alive over the summer. 

Around September, I started to wonder if my presence on the front page of this site was something that should continue and more importantly if it was something I wanted to continue.  For a little while I honestly didn't know the answer to that question.  After all, I had started Mavs Moneyball to fill a void and not necessarily to spout 'my wisdom'.  Maybe my job here was done.

Not so much.  There was a night in September where there was an early cold front.  It  wasn't exactly cold outside, but it felt like Fall.  It felt like basketball season.  I got excited and with just that change in temperature I realized not just how much I missed watching the Mavs but how much I missed writing about them too. 

So I can't wait for the season to officially begin tonight.  It's a fresh start in more ways than one.  A new coach, a new system, a new outlook, a new philosophy, and a new perspective -- a perspective where past disappointments are just a part of history and don't have to be a part of your future.  So even though there's a chance this season could end painfully yet again, I know it won't mark the end of anything.  The 'window' never closes completely.