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Friday Morning Links

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Tim Cowlishaw really liked what he saw in the first 36 minutes.

Carlisle had the Mavericks running again for three quarters. Jason Kidd already had double-digit assists. An energized Dirk Nowitzki had 35 points in the books.


Carlisle said he saw some things he liked but gave most of the credit to Houston being good, especially their bench.

"Their other depth guys really have a good feel for playing with their stars," Carlisle said. "That was probably the difference in the game."


Eddie Sefko says Dallas can't win when Dirk and Josh account for 60% of the offense.


Gil LeBreton was really impressed with Houston.


One positive from the game was the transition offense.

When in transition, the Mavs looked terrific. They had 37 fastbreak points to Houston’s 11. The difficult part is figuring out how to run without playing loose at the other end.


Article on the 2010 All-Star Game with quotes from all the parties involved, but here's the interesting stuff.

While the All-Star Game will be in Arlington, virtually all the other events will be in Dallas. The Friday night and Saturday night festivities will be at American Airlines Center. The Fan Jam will be at the Dallas Convention Center.

The league also envisions a series of events starting early in 2009 that would serve as momentum builders toward the big weekend


Quote of the Day: David Stern on the NBA not suspending Josh Howard.

"We never penalize a lack of wisdom – with commissioners, owners or players," Stern said.


This Day in Mavs History

1997 Start of the 1997-98 season. Dallas would finish the season with a
record of 20-62.

Starting lineup in that game: Shawn Bradley, Michael Finley, AC Green, Hubert Davis, Khalid Reeves