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Atlantic Blogger Previews

Jeff over at CelticsBlog has gathered some of the leading blog writers across the country to write previews of the upcoming season. We will, of course, be taking part, but the series is starting off with a preview of Jeff's own Celtics and the Atlantic division:

bos.gif njn.gif nyk.gif phi.gif tor.gif

Boston Celtics
Jeff Clark:    
Jim Weeks: Green Bandwagon      
FLCeltsFan: LOY's Place
John Karalis: Red's Army
Dustin Chapman: Celtics 24/7

New Jersey Nets
Dennis Velasco: About Basketball

New York Knicks
Joey: Straight Bangin'
Seth Rosenthal: Posting and Toasting

Philadelphia 76ers
Dannie & Pete: Recliner GM
Jon Burkett: Passion and Pride

Toronto Raptors
Ryan McNeill: Hoops Addict
Cuzzy: Cuzoogle

Also see links to all the previews at