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It's Almost Here News

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Well the preseason officially kicked off last night and most of the news today isn't really about the game but about Josh Howard -- obviously.  The major news being that he didn't get booed or light a joint and lay down during the national anthem.  Jan Hubbard has an article about the whole situation saying that Howard has moved on from his offseason and all the fans have as well.  Good, let's get to stuff that actually matters.

Stuff like Antoine Wright getting a spot in the starting lineup last night -- and tomorrow as well (although Stack is missing that game to attend a funeral).

"I like what he was doing defensively," Carlisle said. "He got some deflections and some steals, and he has the ability to attack and he does beat people. He made a case that he should get another look, so we’ll give him another look [Thursday at Chicago]."

Wright played 19 minutes, scored 9 (4-4 from the field) and had four assists. (full box score)

Intriguing development.


Gil Lebreton writes about Carlisle's hands off approach to the offense last night.

The one thing you didn’t often see, as it turned out, was Carlisle himself. I counted, unofficially, three times that the new coach rose from his chair during the first quarter. One time, I’m sure, it was just to stretch.

That's definitely different.  Looking forward to seeing it during the first televised game on October 15th.