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Mavs Defeat Wolves - Quick Observations

  • Not only does Stackhouse get the start ahead of Antoine Wright, but the final box score had this next to Wright's name, "DNP - Coach's Decision."  Wright didn't help himself out against Houston, but what has Stackhouse done so far to get the start?  I really have no idea who will start against Cleveland...
  • I also have no idea what Minnesota is thinking with that court.  The stain in the middle is too dark, and it's almost white inside the arc.  What a mess.
  • After Dampier picked up two quick fouls, Diop came in and played the rest of the first quarter.  Diop was great -- 2 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 steal, and no fouls.  Diop went on to play 28 minutes and Rick Carlisle said it was the best game he's seen him have so far (including preseason).
  • One big change from Thursday night -- Jason Terry played 31 minutes and not a single second of them came without Kidd or Barea on the floor with him.
  • Early in the second quarter, Jerry Stackhouse came up about a foot short on a three and the closest defender was probably 8 feet away.  It's the type of miss people usually say is a result of "tired legs", but in the second game of the season?
  • After Gerald Green made a three in the 4th quarter, Bob Ortegel said "Green is going to help this club."  And here's what Carlisle had to say about green after the game:
"He showed he was ready.  He played a sensible game.  He played smart, and defensively he was solid.  He played a big role in this win"

Get on the Gerald Green bandwagon while there's still room.

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