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No Cubs? No Problem.

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We've all heard by now that Mark Cuban will reportedly be blocked by MLB from buying the Cubs.  So what's next?   How about Newcastle United?  The Telegraph (british press alert!) has listed Mark Cuban as one of four Americans interested in purchasing the club.

Mark Cuban, who owns NBA side the Dallas Mavericks, and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, who owns basketball side the Portland Trailblazers, have also been mentioned as possible buyers.

The others listed are Phil Anschutz (LA Galaxy, David Beckham's soul) and the Hunt Sports Group (FC Dallas, Kansas City Chiefs, Columbus Crew)

The club, which current owner Mike Ashley is desperate to sell, is expected to go for around $400 million (USD) -- a bargain compared to the Cubs.  Interestingly enough, Mike Ashley is comparable to Mark Cuban.  He was a Newcastle United fan who decided it would be cool to own the team.  He's also a bit controversial because he sits with the fans at away games and was caught chugging a beer by the cameras (alcohol is banned from the stands in England).  The one big difference?  Newcastle fans hate him.

"It's our club, not Mike Ashley's club, he might own it but it's not his club."
-Steve Hastie, Newcastle fan

Be warned Mark (if you're actually interested which I doubt), the Toon Army will hate you too.