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Mavs Fall to Lakers: Quick Observations

  • I'm not sure what it says about the state of this team when, after a loss like that, I'm still able to take solace in the fact that Dallas played arguably the best team in the NBA tight without Josh Howard.
  • Does anyone know a site taking bets on the Most Improved Player award?  Gerald Green was far from perfect tonight, (6-15, 5 TO's), but so far this season his work rate on both ends can't be questioned.  Even on his more wild nights, and tonight was one, he's very dangerous.
  • Here's three things you really shouldn't see in an NBA game.
  1. Sometime in the 2nd quarter, Erick Dampier had his arms extended to grab a rebound and had the ball bounce off his chest.  Pau Gasol picked it up and scored two easy points.  I hit the rewind button and still couldn't figure out what happened.
  2. 41 seconds left in the third quarter when Rick Carlisle yells "2 for 1" from the bench.  Kidd turns all the way around to look at him only to have Farmar steal the ball for an easy layup.  What was Kidd thinking?  And does Carlisle really need to tell Kidd to go 2-for-1 in that situation.  That will teach him to try and run the offense from the bench!
  3. Dallas down 83-81, Diop draws a shooting foul and then completely bricks both free throws blowing a shot to tie the game.  He wasn't even close.  Lakers led the rest of the game.
  • Jason Kidd had a triple double.  Neat.

Meh, that's all I'm really up for.