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Mavs Lose Fourth Straight: Quick Observations

  • 21-3 after five minutes!  Alright! 11-13-08_medium
  • oh.......
  • Larry Hughes looked so weird playing in long sleeves.
  • Apparently we can read Sam Smith EXCLUSIVELY at  Thanks, but no thanks.
  • I was going to make fun of Nocioni's mullet-ish hair, and then I realized that after five months without a haircut myself I'm not in a position to say anything.
  • Diop airballed another free throw tonight, but this one was at least entertaining because you could hear Diop yell "Oh shit!" the second it left his hand.
  • Gerald Green leads the team in jaw drops.
  • Full credit to Erick Dampier, 16 points and 18 rebounds is fantastic production.  However, it should be noted that Chicago played without a center for most of the game.
  • Ben Gordon absolutely lit up Jason Terry all night.  I understand Carlisle wanting Terry on the court in the frouth quarter, but at that point it was pretty obvious that Dallas couldn't consistently get a stop with that defensive matchup there to be exposed.
  • Take a look at the Mavs 4th quarter shot chart tonight.
  • Here's something you don't want or expect to hear from the broadcast crew when your team is up 24-5: "Dirk scores and the Dallas lead swells back to three", "Bulls lead at the half", "Bulls by 10", "the Mavs are hanging around", "Dallas desperately needs a good fourth quarter", "Chicago wins"
  • Rick Carlise after the game:
"We desperately need a win."
"I'm surprised at our lack of fight. I don't know how else to put it."

Box Score - AP Recap