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Morning Links Part II

Kelly Dwyer has some notes on the game, saying the Mavs tried but doesn't see it as a game that will suddenly turn things around.

Give this to Dallas -- they were interested in this one. The team-wide spark wasn't there in the first half, but over the second half and into overtime, the Mavs were really having fun playing off of each other, something we haven't seen much of this season from Dallas save for the loss to the Lakers. I don't think this is a turnaround point for the team, not with that roster, but this could mean that the Mavs show a little more heart in winning those 42 games, now.


Mike Fisher has his thoughts on the game and didn't come away from the win all that inspired.

As we have chronicled at DallasBasketball in great detail, the Mavs have a nasty habit of giving up fourth-quarter runs. They've done it with such unbending consistency that one starts to wonder about this team mentally. ... you know. ... choking. It happened again to start the fourth quarter here. And Jason Kidd even conceded that after a few consecutive Dallas errors. ...

"I think, in the past,''J-Kidd said, "we might have folded up the tent.''



The Basketball Jones talked about the game quite a bit on this mornings 'show', with Tas saying Dallas would have scored 150 if they did anything besides shoot jump shots.  This led to Devin Harrisfor MIP talk and a rehashing of the Kidd trade...


And is Mark Cuban in trouble?