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Tuesday Morning Stuff

I really don't have much to add on the Mark Cuban stuff, mainly because I can't add any insight into it, and partly because I don't really care.  Anything worth knowing about the situation can be found at True Hoop.  From everything I've read, if the allegations are found true it will end up costing Cuban far less money than George blocking the initial Kidd trade -- possibly even less than the sum of all his David Stern enforced fines.

All the basketball stuff out there deals with Jerry Stackhouse and his seemingly imminent departure.  Stack isn't happy with his lack of playing time, particularly since he's likely to be a free agent after this season (Dallas has a team option w/ 2 mil guaranteed).

"I play a lot of summer basketball," he said. "When I see [Knicks players] Wilson Chandler, Quentin Richardson and Jamal Crawford scared to guard me in the summertime, but it's not a matchup, a particular game that I should play in, then ..."

"There's always going to be a piece of me that's a Dallas Maverick, regardless of what happens from this day on," Stackhouse said. "As it stands right now, I just think we're drifting in different directions."

These sound like the words of a man with one foot out the door.  And Eddie Sefko says there are three ways that could happen.

There are only three ways that Stackhouse and the Mavericks could divorce - either through a trade, by waiving him or by buying out his contract, which is paying him $7 million this season and is partially guaranteed for $2 million next year.

There is no way the Mavs will just waive him, and if the Mavs cannot find a trade partner they'll likely satisfy his wishes by buying him out.  It's worth noting that despite the whole situation, Stack isn't demanding a trade or causing problems. His relationship with the team is still good, and it's not as if the front office is eager to get rid of him.

"Yeah, it's important for a ton of reasons,'' he said. "I talked with Donnie (Nelson), talked with Mark (Cuban), talked with Rick (Carlisle) about possibly one day coming back here and being part of the coaching staff or the front office with this organization. I'm not going to foil that by my competitiveness. It's just that it might be a better fit elsewhere.''

One way or the other, I'd say it's unlikely Stackhouse will still be a Maverick by December.  The fact is, he's 'surplus to requirements', hasn't played well, and doesn't want to be on the bench here.  Players  like that don't stick around.

Speaking of trades, Mike Fisher says Donnie Nelson is very busy in that regard right now.


It's November 18th, and Tracy McGrady is hurt.


I thought this was a little weird.  Stackhouse singled out the Knicks game as one he thought he should be playing in, but Sefko is reporting that Stackhouse won't be active tonight because of injury.

He's also fought a sore right heel, in which he recently got a cortisone shot and which will keep him out of tonight's game in Charlotte and probably a few more.

So has Stackhouse already played his last game for Dallas?