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Friday Morning Links

Sefko writes that with the Mavs playing well it is a perfect time to play nine of their next eleven at home.

"We've got to get a home win," said Jason Kidd. "We played some pretty good basketball on the road. Now we've got to take that home."

With nine of their next 11 games at AAC, the Mavericks had better be good at home.

... Interestingly, the Mavericks are playing consecutive games in the same city for the first time this season. Each of their first four home games were followed by games on the road.


Jason Terry, says tonights game against Memphis is a must win.

"We haven’t done anything," Terry said. "All we’ve done is win a couple of games on the road. We haven’t won at home yet. It’s very important that we do that. So this next game against Memphis is a must. It’s a must-win for us and we see it no other way."

Mike Fisher points out that history is on the Mavs side tonight.

Dallas has beaten Memphis 15 straight times. Dallas has beaten Memphis in 20 of the last 21 meetings. Dallas is 44-7 against that club. And Memphis' lone franchise highlight, its 2006 playoff appearance? Dallas was there to ruin that, too, with a four-game, first-round sweep of that group, an outcome that at the time looked like the burial of the Grizz' best-ever player, Pau Gasol.


Sefko's latest mailbag.


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