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Monday Morning Links

I have some catching up to do and I doubt I'll get to it all here...

Caplan has a good article on Terry's role this season and how well he's doing with it.

Averaging 18.4 points a game, Terry is scoring at a higher clip than at any time in his four previous seasons with the Mavs and the highest since he averaged 19.3 in 2001-02 with Atlanta.

....He's a reserve in name only, logging nearly 35 minutes a game, just as he did in 2005-06 and '06-07, when he started 160 of the 161 games he played, and he's a constant presence - and threat - in the fourth quarter.

"It's like when [Manu] Ginobili has been coming off the bench for San Antonio for the last two or three years at times to help balance out the rotation," Carlisle said. "It's something that is a small thing, but is a huge thing. It enables the team in so many other ways and it sets the tone of unselfishness."


Sefko writes about the Mavs improved rebounding from the beginning of the season.

So the Mavericks quietly have become one of the best rebounding teams in the league.

It didn't look like that would be the case when they were clobbered on the boards in their first three games by an average of 8.7 per game.

Since then, they have owned the glass by 7.4 per game.


Hey, there's a new coach in town.

"This is really a fact: We’re not going to be as good a team as we can be unless those guys can step up and play like they did in the previous two or three games," Carlisle said. "We need the Shawne Williamses and Gerald Greens and James Singletons and Antoine Wrights. They need to be there for us because those guys give us something that we don’t have top to bottom on the roster. They give us length, quickness, energy. So they’ve got to be ready to play."


This was a great quote from Rick Carlisle about JJ Barea and Jason Kidd sharing the court against Memphis.

"You’re going to have a Jackson Pollock once in a while, where you just splatter stuff out there and you’ve got to find something that works," Carlisle said, waving his arms. "So, you know, the formula was unusual."


Devean George saw the floor for the first time this season in the Memphis game and he already has his eye on the starting SG spot.


Funny Picture.

Funnier Picture (via


Jerry Stackhouse Update:  Sefko says trade options are being explored but that we shouldn't expect anything to happen until December 15th, when players signed in the offseason, can be traded.

And Caplan had this little blurb yesterday.

Jerry Stackhouse returned to the team Friday after staying behind in North Carolina to visit family. He underwent treatment on his sore right heel and worked out on his own before Friday's game.