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7&7 Morning Links

Sefko recaps the game saying Dallas is having some breaks go their way during the five game winning streaks, and Caplan focuses his recap on Antoine Wright.

Wright who notched a season-high 12 points in the second quarter, had several of those on Tuesday, and he also attacked the rim and scored rather than loft 3-pointers.

"About the only time he didn't finish," Carlisle said, "was when it looked like he was tired. ...We couldn't have won this game without Antoine's overall effort at both ends. He really kept himself ready."


Caplan has a Josh Howard update.

"It's a lot better, but still day-to-day," Howard said. "I'm very eager. I've just got to get my foot together first and make sure I come back at full strength."

Howard said the injury restricts his ability to cut, which is a significant part of his game.

"An athletic guy like myself, I want to be able to play the game the way I can," Howard said. "As soon as I get that range of motion back, I'll be good."


Mike Fisher has his game observations.

Lost in all the late-game heroics will be Erick Dampier's clever decision to absorb a charge rather than attempt to block a driving layup by Danny Granger.

Erick Dampier drew a game-changing charge. Then came a solar eclipse. And then Hell froze over.