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Quick Friday Catchup

Still no word if Josh Howard will play tonight, but he did shoot around with the the team today.  I'm guessing he plays but we'll see...


Dirk credits the five game winning streak to everyone just being more comfortable.

"I think it's just a comfort level with what we're doing," Dirk Nowitzki says. "That's really it. We didn't really know what to run, what we were comfortable with in the first couple games.

"Now, we know what to do out there a little more. When you're comfortable on the court, it shows. We're able to put ourselves in position where we can make plays and make shots."


Rick Carlisle on the Lakers.

"They've been dominant," Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle said. "Look at their statistics and they appear to have no weakness. They've got length, and they play both ends of the floor. We have a very low margin for error offensively and defensively against them because they're the best right now."


Jason Kidd bought everyone customized headphones.

Think they're cool and want a pair of your own?  You can buy them here -- only $1,100.00.