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Lakers Top Mavs: Quick Observations and Postgame Quotes


  • Gerald Green scored the first and last points of the game.
  • Devean George and Antoine Wright got the Kobe assignment.  Wright definitely seemed to a better job.  The +/-, George -17 and Wright +12, surely the difference wasn't that great right?
  • Dallas shot 29 3's.  Most of them were good shots and they made 45% which is fantastic, but that's uncomfortably high...
  • How good was Barea tonight?  10 points, 9assists in 20 minutes.  I made note of this in the game thread, but it was like one of his D-League games.
  • Rick Carlisle's postgame quotes:

"Well, there's a huge rebound differential and if you look at the free throw line there's a big difference there.  Umm, you know the Lakers are one of those teams that statistically when they don't look like they're playing they can still find ways to beat you.  Are undoing was the second half of the third quarter -- When they went on a run and we just didn't have any answers.  We hung in and gave ourselves a chance, but you know Kobe made some very difficult shots down the stretch and I thought Ariza was probably the major difference in the game.  The things he did offensively and defensively were difference makers. 

Our bench did good things.  We expect them to play well.  That's their job.  We need that every night.  Barea did some really good things for us from a playmaking standpoint.  And we had some other guys play well durng stretches.  But that six or seven minuter period, late third early fourth, was our undoing.

I can't remember the last time I saw an NBA team only commit 8 fouls in 48 minutes, but maybe these guys are that good defensively.  It's a little hard to believe, but I'm not going to complain about the officiating, but I thought we played an aggressive game and we could have gone to the line a few more times.

With the Dallas Mavericks you're not interested in moral victories.  We're interested in winning games. We had an opportunity and let it slip away.  Give the Lakers credit.  They did what they had to do to take the game away.  We're very disappointed, but now we've got to regroup for tomorrow night."

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