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Cavs 100 - Mavs 81: Quick Observations

  •  Antoine Wright gets the start and the defensive assignment of LeBron Bass11-3-08_medium
    James which says a lot about what Rick Carlisle thinks of Wright as a defender  - McGrady in game one and James in game three.  If MIN had a comparable threat would he have been a DNP in game two?
  • Unintentional comedy in the pregame.  Bob Ortegel is talking about how there has never been a teammate of Kidd with anything "derogatory" to say about him.  He mentions Vince Carter, and his Olympic teammates.  Then he says "go all the way to the early Mavs days, ask Jim Jackson." Hehe.
  • Early 2nd quarter, Dallas already down 14 -- the game could have stumbled out of control then like it did in the 4th, but Brandon Bass scored 8 points in three minutes (6 on three fairly impressive dunks).  I though that was going to spark the Mavs to a big run, but it didn't quite work out that way.
  • 2 minutes and 19 seconds into the third quarter Jason Kidd made a three without his toe on the line.
  • In the middle of the third quarter, the entire Mavs bench is standing.  That's nothing new, they always do that.  The only reason it caught my eye was because Mark Cuban walked over to Diop, who had sort of the drifted to the corner of the court, and tugged his jumpsuit to move him back.  Not sure if Diop was on the court or if Cuban couldn't see, but it was kind of weird and I think Diop was confused for a second.
  • Jason Terry: 25 minutes, 1-8, 5 points, and a team low -23...
  • Gerald Green: 16 minutes, 4-7, 10 points.  Based strictly on current form there is no doubt in my mind that Green is more capable of helping the team from SG than Terry.
  • Kidd and Barea combined to play all 48 minutes for the second game in a row.
  • It's so painful to see your team pull the starters with 5 minutes left in a home game.
  • Cleveland had a sickening 18 offensive rebounds and won the overall battle 52-35.  Rick Carlisle called the defensive rebounding the teams "undoing".
  • There really isn't a single positive to take away from this game, and I hope I'm not writing that same sentence again tomorrow night.   Not a good time to be playing San Antonio...