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Tuesday Morning Links

Kidd points to the defense for last nights result.

"We as a team didn’t play any defense," said Jason Kidd, who had nine points and six assists. "We gave up 100 points. We can’t let our offense affect our defense.


Sefko points to everyone, and Dirk points to himself.

It's worse when you consider the Mavericks play at San Antonio tonight.

"They're 0-2 and desperate for a win, and they're sitting there waiting for us," Carlisle said.

The Mavericks need a bounce-back game from everybody. Dirk Nowitzki had one of his worst games in years...

..."We were embarrassed in our own building," Nowitzki said. "It wasn't one of my nights."


Caplan has a dreamy article on the possibility of LeBron becoming a Mav in the future.

"Every player in the league wants to play here, seriously," Mavs coach Rick Carlisle said before the start of training camp. "We’ve got the best facility; we’ve got the best physical setup in terms of proximity of airport and where everybody lives. Guys want to be here. There were a bunch of guys that were dying to come here for below market value this summer because they love Dallas."


I assumed that Stackhouse not making it into the game last night was partly due to his foot injury.   Apparently it wasn't, and it was a true "DNP - coach's decision"..

"It was a coach's decision, and out of respect for him, I elected not to ask him to go in the game at the end."

Is it Terry's turn next?


Part of Dirk's pregame routines -- handstand pushups.


Mike Fisher's game three notes.