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The Thursday Morning Links

Eddie Sefko writes about the Mavs current favorite play.

As Rick Carlisle tried to slow things down, use some clock and protect a safe lead, he called the same play on more than a half-dozen consecutive trips down the floor, and sometimes twice on the same possession after an offensive rebound.

"Fist-one," or "One-fist" if you prefer, is a set that features a two-man game with Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Kidd. They milked it, and salted away the game with it.


Sefko unloads another mailbag.


Caplan wonders if maybe it's Jason Terry, not Josh Howard, who is more important to the teams success.

In the two losses, Terry shot 5-of-21 for 20 points. In the two wins, he made 19-of-35 for 48 points.

"We need another scorer, a reliable scorer," Nowitzki said. "If that means Jet has to start or whatever, we need him to make shots. We need his enthusiasm, his energy, his ability to shoot the 3 and spread the floor, but also to blow-and-go and finish some at the rim. We just need more out of him."


Around the NBA:  San Antonio needed two overtimes to beat Minnesota and get their first win of the year.  Parker had 55.