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Friday Morning Links

Rick Carlisle has said there is a "very good chance" Jason Terry will start against Denver tonight.


Sefko writes about the how well the Mavs have taken care of the ball through the first four games.

Kidd has done his part so far. He has four turnovers in 136 minutes. That's a ridiculous 8.75-to-1 assist-to-turnover ratio. That crushes his impressive career mark of 2.91-to-1.

What makes the ball security more impressive is that the Mavericks are trying to run, get more comfortable in their set offense and keep their eyes peeled for Kidd's passes.

Dallas averaged over 17 turnovers per game during the preseason so it's nice to see that it hasn't carried over.


Caplan says the Mavs need to be more consistent.

"It comes from not guarding well," Carlisle said. "When we guard, [Dirk's]  gotten shots that are going to come out of flow and transition. We certainly have executed better in the two wins, and we weren’t playing from behind. We didn’t get in a hole. [In the losses] we had to make haste at certain times of the game, and we put up bad shots to try and get back into it."

But Dirk wasn't real impressed with the two wins.

"We played Minnesota, a young team which is up and coming. San Antonio is without [Manu] Ginobili and they hadn’t won a game until [defeating Minnesota on the road Wednesday.] We haven’t played any great teams on the road yet."


Galloway has his first Mavs column of the season and it starts like this.

A kennel update from here in Loserville suggests an ugly trend. The Cowboys and Stars have gone dog, the Mavericks are showing early, yet familiar, mutt tendencies, and the idle Rangers, if anyone still cares, remain litter runts.