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Mavs 105 - 108 Nuggets: Quick Observations

  • It took until three minutes into the fifth game before Josh Howard landed on a defenders foot coming down from a jump shot.  Fortunately it didn't lead to a rolled ankle this time.
  • When Brandon Bass basically jumped over the Nuggets defender who was blocking him out and threw the ball into net it would have been among some players more embarrassing career moments.  Except in this case the guy Bass dunked on was Chris Anderson.
  • One thing I was really hoping Carlisle would change this year is to not have Josh Howard inbounds the ball  - ever.  So many times last year Howard found a way to mess that up.  Tonight he threw the ball over Kidd's head for a halfcourt violation.
  • 3 minutes left in the third quarter, Jerry Stackhouse is 1-7 and just watched Carmello Anthony grab a rebound right in from him.  Gerald Green finally enters the game, but it's for Jason Terry - D'oh.  Stack then missed a three and was replaced by Terry a minute later.
  • Jason Kidd attempted 12 of the Mav 35 3PA's.  He made six of them.
  • Gerald Green can really jump.
  • Here's what Carlisle had to say about Green after the game tonight. "He's been an energizer for us. In the preseason and paritcularly in Minnesota.  We felt like we needed his enregy out there and the could possibly get something going.  He did a nice job and battled defensively which was good".   Carlisle clearly liked what he saw because after Green entered in the third he played the rest of the game.
  • Josh Howard was grabbing his left wrist the entire game.  It's clearly bothering him and it seems safe to assume he wasn't able to play the final four minutes because of it. [update: David Moore confirms]
  • Rick Carlisle on the play drawn up out of a timeout that led to a Brandon Bass turnover: "That one's on me."
  • Did that missed Kidd free throw look familiar?  As srdmad pointed out in the game thread, Kidd did the same thing against LA last season.  Here's the video evidence.