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Sunday Roundup

Hmm, so are we happy the Mavs won the last two games or are we  worried that Dallas barely beat two awful teams at home?  I'll take the wins.  The fact that the good Dallas defense had problems against two of the worst offenses in the league is more disappointing than worrying -- at least for now.  It goes without saying that the defense will have to be a lot better against Denver on Monday.

Jason Kidd will take the win any day.

"Wins, just stockpile all the wins you can get, especially in this Western Conference," Jason Kidd said. "The more wins you can get and the sooner you can get healthy, the better off you'll be."


Jason Terry and Dirk scored 74 of the Mavs 103 points, but Sefko points to Jason Kidd as the spark.

It was a Jason Kidd-fueled rally late in the third that ignited the Mavericks. He got two offensive rebounds on the same possession, which ended with a Terry jumper. It was the key to a 10-0 run that put the Mavericks up, 79-78.


Jan Hubbard wonders how Mavs fans should feel about the last two games -- ultimately deciding that a win is a win, and that it was at least fun to watch Dirk and JET.


Sefko says Dallas really needs J5 back because they usually won't be able to win with only two players in double figures.


Mike Fisher's game notes.


And finally, two quick observations from my grandparents who are in town from NC for the holidays and watched an NBA game last night for the first time in presumably quite a while.

- 4 minutes into the game and Dampier is fouled in the act of shooting after missing his first two free throws.  My grandmother immediately says "Oh, why did they have to foul him?"  Dampier then missed both free throws.  Again.

- End of the game and my grandfather asks a serious and reasonable question: "That Dirk, is there anyone in the league better than him?"