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Tuesday Morning Roundup

Caplan recaps the game and highlights the flat first half.

Low-energy starts put the Mavs in binds, none worse than Monday’s 27-15 deficit after one quarter and 56-43 at the half as Denver shot 56.8 percent to the Mavs’ 28.9.


David Moore has a short article on the defense with Jason Terry saying it's the teams weakness.

"Our defense is probably the weakest part of our game in stretches," Mavericks guard Jason Terry said. "I mean, we haven't put together a complete game defensively.

"We have certain goals, and we haven't gotten there yet."


Josh Howard comparing himself to JJ Barea.

"Fitting back in . . . Me and J.J. [Barea] bring the same thing to the table. I'm just 6-7. About all I could see just watching the whole time [is that] I'm taller, he's shorter. We do the same things – get to the basket, make jump shots. He's a better 3-point shooter than me. I can post up better than him. That's the difference."


Come on DMN run the real quote...

"We couldn't hit a bull's butt with a bass fiddle.  Not guarding them, then not making shots, you're going to stink."


Mike Fisher reviews the game with assistance from Foghorn Leghorn


The Mavs may have been down on their defense after last night, but that was the Mavs second least efficient offensive game all season.  They shot 34.9% from the field  (worst all season), had an eFG% of 40.49% (2nd worst), and an offensive efficiency of 94.15 points per 100 possessions (2nd worst).   The only game that tops it in terms of badness was the loss at Chicago.