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Morning Roundup

Josh Howard didn't answer questions after practice yesterday to give out juicy quotes on the condition of his ankle, but the important thing is that he was able to practice at all.

He relayed word through the team's public relations staff that his left ankle was sore but it had responded fairly well.

It sounds like he will play again tonight in Toronto, but it's unknown when he'll be back in the starting lineup.

"Re-integrating [Howard] with the team is a process because of his physical conditioning, the rehab aspect of it and the fact that we’ve got to try to do this in a way that facilitates him getting back into a rhythm," Carlisle said. "And so this is a challenging period we’ve got coming up. I’m going to be talking to Josh a lot about it, our team’s going to be communicating about it and we’ve got to, you know, this is a job that we’re going to have to do right and do well."


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