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Thursday Morning Roundup

Jeff Caplan has an article on Jason Terry being really good last night.

The Mavs needed a win and Terry’s near triple-double of 27 points, eight assists and seven rebounds rallied Dallas to a 96-86 victory before an impatient Raptors crowd that took to frequent booing.

Terry’s 13 second-quarter points kept the Mavs within striking distance at halftime, 49-44, after trailing by 13. His 12 fourth-quarter points drove home the stake.


Sefko heaps praise on 'The Devean George's' defense.


I didn't even notice when I looked at the box score last night, but Gerald Green was inactive.

Green has played a total of eight minutes in the Mavs' last eight games. He did not play at all in four straight games before logging one minute at the end of Monday's loss to the Nuggets.

Developing Green is one reason Rick Carlisle chose to limit Jerry Stackhouse's minutes, which led to Stackhouse requesting a trade.

Last week on the postgame show, they did a short interview with Stackhouse.  He said "some things had changed", and it almost sounded like he was backing off  his desire to leave.  Green getting less minutes is definitely one of those things, but you have to wonder if Cuban denying him a buyout and a lack of interest from other teams could be the real reason he's seemingly reconsidering.    Stackhouse will be joining the team in New York.


Kelly Dwyer was impressed with Dirk last night.

Not only was Dirk nailing tough shot after tough shot in the fourth quarter, he was in his teammates' faces down the stretch, imploring them not to let a potential comeback win slip away. And while his 27 points and 10 rebounds may seem like a ho-hum night for the 7-footer, consider the game's 86 possessions.


Sefko asked Chris Bosh about joining the Mavs someday.