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It's The Friday Links

Dallas playing New Jersey tonight -- I'll give you one guess what almost every article is about today....

Sefko has a bunch of quotes from Kidd about his time with the Nets, and one quote from Devin about what he's trying to accomplish in New Jersey.

"I think I won a lot of them over in the first game I played. I'm not trying to fill his [Kidd's] footsteps. I'm trying to start my own legacy."

I think Harris might be just a little fired up tonight...

Caplan has a similar article.

"Devin is having a great year," Kidd said. "He’s having a heck of a year. He’s a talented young point guard and he can fill up the stat sheet, so I have a tough job tomorrow."

So Kidd is expecting to get the Harris assignment.  I'm curious to see that matchup, as Harris's best asset, speed, is what  Kidd has the biggest problems with.  No doubt he'll be getting a lot of help.


Sefko also talked to Avery Johnson about his former point guard.

"I'm just so proud of him and the time I worked with him. I can see his growth and maturation.

"We kind of predicted it. If you go back and look at our comments, we talked about him being an All-Star around this time. It's not really a big surprise."


Jason Terry on the secret to his great season.

"I’m just connecting my spiritual with my physical talents," he said. "That’s what I’ve worked extremely hard on, reading more books, just the psychological part of this whole thing — just because the season is so long and it’s so hard to be consistent."


David Moore writes about how Avery Johnson is keeping busy.


Tim MacMahon has links to all the Kidd/Harris articles from the Northeast.