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Saturday Regroup Links

Sefko and Caplan have their game recaps, and we all know what they focus on.


Sefko with a short article on 'the trade'.


And Hubbard writes about Kidd's return to New Jersey.


Chants of 'Thank You Cuban' in New Jersey last night.  Shoot me in the face.


Kidd started the game defending Harris.  When Kidd went out, Dallas switched to a zone.  When Kidd came back in, they went back to man-to-man.  That strategy didn't go to well, so Jason Terry started the second half and was assigned to defend Harris.  That lasted about three minutes before Dallas went back to zone for almost the rest of the game.  Nothing worked, and while Harris was fantastic, the defense... God, it really was just awful.


Derek Harper offered up this expert analysis during halftime, "This team is better off when they're making shots."


Mike Fisher lets his opinion be known on Avery's Devin Harris love fest.

"But as time went on, I started to ease up on him.’’

"I love him.’’

"And I'm proud of him.’’

It really is a heartwarming story. Avery gave so much of himself to Devin Harris that there’s barely enough "I’’ left to go around.