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Monday Morning Links

Sefko and Caplan have game recaps that highlight Jason Kidd.

It was one of those times when Kidd didn't score a point in the fourth quarter, yet took over the game. Kidd had six of his 11 assists in the final 6:05. He basically picked apart the Washington defense. He found Terry for layups, Devean George for dunks and Singleton with a beautiful lob for a dunk.

Yep, it only took Dallas 42 minutes to realize they were playing the against the worst defense in the NBA.


Sefko says Singleton was awarded playing time yesterday because of a good Saturday practice.


Carlisle with a Howard injury update.

"His ankle is still not 100 percent, it’s obvious," Carlisle said of the sore ankle that kept Howard out of 11 games. "It gets stiff when he comes out of the game. He actually, on the first play of the game, took a 3, fell back into the bench and tweaked it a little bit, as luck would have it."


Hubbard gives us a Stackhouse update.


And Mike Fisher has a bunch of notes  from yesterdays game.

Asked what he considered the key to the win, he said, "Me not shooting.''

Jason was 0-of-7 and scored a point. But he had those 11 dimes. And he was funny!