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Mavs Walk to Victory: Postgame Quotes

Not a whole lot to say.  I think that's what a game looks like when both teams are uninterested.

Erick Dampier

You set a tone early down low.

"Well you know, I just try to find a way to keep myslef involved.  I know I'm not going to touch the ball a lot on the offensive end of the floor.  So whether I'm getting rebounds or altering shots -- just trying to be a presence while I'm out there on the floor."

What was it tonight that was so advantageous for you?

"I think rebounding is just hard work.  Just making up your mind to go in there and get the rebound.  That's what I did tonight.  Like I said, I just wanted to be a presence on both ends."

Do you feel underappreciated or unnoticed?

"Not at all.  The guys on this team know the work that I do for the team, and I've kind of played that role for the last few years.  Someone has to sacrifice their game for the sake of the team.  I think I did that -- not asking for a lot of touches.  But the guys are looking for me under the basket so whenever I get the opportunity I make the most of it.  Like you said, it doesn't show up in the stat sheets, but guys on the team know how much I mean to this team."

What kind of transformation has taken place since you guys were five games under .500?

"We just go out there and play hard from the beginning of the game.  We're a good team.  When we're playing well, and playing defense, we have a chance to beat anybody.  Guys going out there, sharing the ball, having fun, and playing hard we have a chance to win."

Rick Carlisle

"I think Damp is having one of the most underrated years of anybody in the league.  That first half we just couldn't get anything going at either end.  He kept us in the game.  I think he was five for six, or something like that, in the first quarter.  He's giving us a physical presence inside.  He's giving us defensive help all the time around the basket.  The three point play that he had was an important play in the second half.  When teams go real small, I'm sure it's frustrating for him that he can't get back in there some nights, but he is still pulling for the guys from the bench. He wants to win.  My level of respect for him has gone continually up since the beginning of the year.   He's just been that good."

Was the defense as good as it looks on paper?

"I thought it was good.  I thought we struggled offensively and some of that had to do with Memphis.  They're a much improved defensive team this year.  We made it a real point of emphasis that we have to keep Gay and Mayo from having big nights.  I thought Devean George and Josh Howard really stepped up on those assignments and did a terrific job.  When you hold them to no 20 point scorers that's going to put you in a position to win.  That was a big part of the game.  With the lineup we've been starting, we have to be good defensively.  We don't have a dynamic offensive team from 1-5 out there.  We've got to be good defensively and get our offense from predominantly stops."

JJ Barea

You've come a long way from five games below .500.

"A long way.  It was a bad start for us.  We've done a really good job just keeping our heads up and getting better.  Five game up now so it feels pretty good."

How much of a tone did Damp set?

"He was great.  We were struggling in the beginning, and I think he almost had a double-double in the first quarter.  He was awesome for us.  If he could do that every day we would be pretty good."

Do you feel like you guys are starting to figure it out in terms of what Carlisle wants and expects?

"It's coming together.  It's going to take a little bit longer I think.  We still have to work on a few things.  J-Ho still isn't 100% and when he gets back we'll be pretty good.  We're still working on it,  but we feel a lot better than we did at the beginning."