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The Friday Links

Jason Kidd talked up the importance of yesterdays game, and after the win Terry did the same.

"This win is one we'll look back on when we get to the playoffs and say, 'That was a great win,' just because of the way the standings are and for this road trip," said Jason Terry. "This sets everything up for us."

Dirk did as well.

"Big, big win, especially Portland is a tough team to play at home," Nowitzki said. "So for us to grind this one out, we fought through a lot of stuff there, Josh getting ejected, I got a technical and still we fought through it and made some big plays in the fourth."


Caplan says one of the reasons for Bass's recent DNP is his inability to get to the free throw line.

He knows that if he can increase his 1.7 attempts a game, he will improve his 7.6-point scoring average as well as help his team.

"Maybe I need to pump-fake more," Bass said.

If it draws more fouls, it might garner more minutes. Mavs coach Rick Carlisle has expressed frustration at Bass' infrequent trips to the line and it played at least a partial role in Carlisle's decision to slap Bass with his first DNP of the season Sunday at Washington.


Last night was the Mavs best rebounding game of the season in terms of rebound% -- they grabbed 57.6% of missed shots and 41%of their own misses which is extremely high.


Here's a closeup of the green shoes that much of the team wore last night.  Caplan got some quotes from a few players on their shoe selection.


Mike Fisher has his notes from the game and takes a bit of a shot at J5.

You know, if J-Ho really was the same player as JJB plus eight inches -- would drive like that, work like that, rebound like that, shoot like that, pass like that. ... J-Ho wouldn't be the same player as JJB.

J-Ho would be the same player as Dwyane Wade.


Do da Jason Terry. For some reason I don't see this catching on.


Here's the video of Jason Kidd leveling Jimmy Clark.


This Day in Mavs History

1996 Traded Jason Kidd, Tony Dumas, and Loren Meyer to Phoenix for Sam Cassell, Michael Finley, A.C. Green and a 2nd round draft pick in 1997 or 1998.