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Saturday Stuff

Bob Ortegel summed up the whole night in the second quarter when he said, "This isn't the same team that beat Portland last night.  At all.  Not even close."

Jason Kidd explained the difference.

"We just didn't have energy tonight," Jason Kidd said. "We came out flat and for some odd reason we just couldn't get it going."


Matt Harpring and Fesenko on Dirk's ejection.

"He just turned around and threw a nice little punch," Harpring said. "I mean, what are you going to do. You can't retaliate. I don't want to get fined. So you just take it. Obviously, it was good to get him out of the game, so it worked in our favor."

Added the Ukrainian Fesenko in his broken English: "I get the rebound. I maybe push him in the back a little. Then probably Matt pushed him a little. I don't think it was something really brutal. It happens all the time."


Jeff Caplan has a few Devean George related quotes.

"There are a handful of guys like Devean in the league," Rick Carlisle said. "They're valuable because in our case there is such a strong correlation between good defense and winning."

"He's really called on me to help us out in that role," George said of Carlisle. "To be honest, that's pretty much how I've had to get minutes in my career."


Kirilenko's horrible flop.