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Reyshawn Terry Surfaces

About six weeks after being cut by the Mavs, Terry has finally found a home -- Gruppo Triboldi Basket of the Italian second division.  Babelfish humorously translates:

Perhaps the destiny has been put of means, as Reyshawn Terry is without a doubt in possession of much more class. Terry, however, it will not be asked for being quickly l ' man of the Providence, but for being that added value that was Quadre Lollis for this system, than from to half January will be able here to count still more on a rate elevated athleticism.

The hope of the society, now, is that which Terry can already come down in field Sunday against the First Veroli of coach Andrea Trinchieri, bureaucracy allowing. In these hours, the strong player of color finds itself to the consulate of Filadelfia in order to demand the approval for l ' Italy.

Anyway, the Mavs don't hold Terry's rights anymore.  I'm just posting this because I had been wondering where he was.