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New Years Eve Links

I still can't believe that game.  Dallas scored 40 points in the first half.  In the final 22 minutes they outscored MIN by 36!

Mike Fisher has a bunch of notes from the game including a quick analysis of the Mavs 4th quarter offense.

In the fourth quarter, I say the Mavs attempted to run everything through Jason Terry. Everything. Clear-out stuff at the top of the key, with baseline movement working toward open spots in the corners. Nothing more than that. I bet this fourth quarter marks a season-low for pick-and-rolls. Dwane waved his arms a lot. Waving arms must mean "clear-out for Jet.''


Dwayne Casey said the halftime talk was pretty straight forward.

"Let's go down swinging," Casey said. "No matter what happens, let's go down swinging. Rick told them that fans paid great money to come see us perform and we weren't performing."

Although Jason Terry pointed out a little more than that was said.

"At halftime, they [the coaches] said, 'You guys are playing like ...' - I'll let you fill it in,"


Dirk on comeback wins.

"Do I hate it?" Nowitzki said, repeating a question asking if he hates all these comebacks. "I mean, we won. That's what you always want. But, that was ugly. They got whatever they wanted. Our defense was soft. It took a lot of energy to come back, but the win is what counts."


Dirk talked very openly about the leagues suspension process after the game.

"He never called me," Nowitzki said of Jackson. "I was going to tell him a few stories, but nowadays it's NBA security, some assistant or whatever, and they just write down what you have to say.

"They can really scratch it out, because they do what they do anyway. I don't know why they interview you anymore. They walk you through the whole spiel and what you were thinking, what you saw and you tell them, and then you get suspended anyways. I might not even call them back next time."


Gerald Green was active last night.  I thought would have been pretty interesting if the assistants had given him minutes with Carlisle in the locker room.

"It always feels good," Green said of being back in uniform. "I'm just basically here to do whatever needs to be done and it doesn't matter if I have to be inactive or not."


This day in NBA history.

2006 The last game played with the failed synthetic basketball, which lasted a mere 3 months (including pre-season) as the league went back to using a leather ball.

That ball will be remembered in the same way that "new coke" is.