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Rick’s New Year’s Resolution

Stop becoming more and more like Avery.

Let’s forget the crazy rotations for now.

Is it so far fetched to say, that since the start of the season, Rick has the Mavs ever so gradually playing more like they did offensively last year under Avery?

Anyone noticing the increasingly number of ISO-Dirk, ISO—Josh plays than we want to admit?  How many times a game is Kidd really “running the show” on offense, and how many times is Rick calling plays from the bench?

I honestly don’t have any sort of data to back any of this up, but after watching that performance last night, it has me wondering if it’s any coincidence that it happened when Rick left the game, and Kidd was REALLY allowed to run things.  The show that we saw last night offensively, is what I expected to see from day one of this season, but really haven’t.  Sure we have seen it at times… but never for a full game… nor a full half I’d argue prior to last night. 

Has anyone else noticed this?  Am I reading too much into last night, or do I have something here?

While we do run at times under Rick, we run the motion offense as well, and we FINALLY run some pick and roll plays, is what we have seen thus far this season offensively really the Jason Kidd Show?  I think at the start of the season I thought because it wasn’t the Avery show, it was such a welcomed change and upgrade I assumed that it must be the Jason Kidd show.  But watching the team over the past few weeks, it had me thinking that we still looked pretty stagnant and slow at times on offense. Then last night happened, and my eyes were opened to what I had hoped to see since the Kidd trade… vintage Nellie ball offense.  

I’m now thinking that what we have been looking at so far this year on the offensive end is not necessarily the Avery show, just the Rick show.   It’s definitely been an upgrade, I think we can all agree on that… but is it what Kidd was brought here for/what we were lead to believe was going to be the offensive game plan heading into this season?

Yeah the pick and roll is good, the ISO can be good a few times at the end of close games, and the motion stuff seems to works well when defenses fall asleep… but would someone outside of our Maverick circle here really call us a run and gun offensive powerhouse?  We don’t even rank in the top 10 in points in the league.

I know defense wins championships, but offensively, I still feel Rick is holding us back like Avery did… same way in dictating the offense, though not as severely. 

So, Rick, your new year's resolution: loosen the reigns on Kidd.  Stop trying to run the Rick show, like Avery ran his, and just let that 20 million dollar floor leader do what he was brought here to do.   

Do that, then we’ll talk about consistent rotations…