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Mavs Beat Hawks: Observations and Quotes

  • The first of Bass's three dunks tonight came on a tip-back of a horribly missed Terry layup.  Terry just threw it off the backboard and it bounced straight to an oncoming Bass.  If Terry had gotten up off the court celebrating or pointing at Bass I would have thought he had done it on purpose.
  • In my mind Zaza Pachulia is far better than he actually is.  He always does better than his average against Dallas -- not quite in the same way Jason Terry did though...
  • I believe Shawne Williams made his first jump shot of the season from beyond 18 feet tonight.
  • The other day I was lamenting about the Kings rivalry being pretty much over.  It lives on through Mike Bibby.  Still can't stand that guy -- especially when he is scoring 8 points in 40 seconds.
  • The game flow for the first half is pretty much a straight line.  Nobody led by more than four points in the first 28 minutes.
  • JJ Barea never stops his dribble.  Ever.
  • In third quarter the crowd was living on Barea's every shot like it was Dirk trying to get his 50th point or something.
  • If we've learned anything about Carlisle, it's that JJ Barea starting games doesn't necissarily mean a whole lot.  But Barea finishing games, like he did tonight, speaks volumes.
  • Carlisle on Barea and the team after the game:

I want all of our guys to be agressive.  Right now the level of agression that we bring to games is what it's all about.  The thing I like about Barea is his decision making has continued to improve since training camp.  He made a lot of good things happen tonight, but we're becoming a little too reliant on him to tell you the truth.  We've got to have a more balanced game.  We can't just give him the ball and say 'make things happen' every time down.  Especially now with san Antonio coming in here, who is a championship team and the best defensive team of the last decade.  We're going to have to get better for Tuesday.