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Monday Morning Roundup

Sefko has an article on Shawne WIlliams increased minutes lately.

And in Williams, he believes he has an eventual two-position player with a large growth potential.

"We need him right now to fill in the gaps where we have an injury or a player missing," Carlisle said. "He's been giving us good defensive rebounding, and we're working with him to get him comfortable with the shots he's going to get in games. He's got a lot of ability and a lot of upside. It's our job to make sure he gets the most out of what he's got."


Caplan writes about the always changing rotation.

Take J.J. Barea, for instance. In the first 13 games of the season, he never played more than 16 minutes. But in the past five games, he has played 21, 25, 25, 31 and 21 minutes, respectively.

...Consider DeSagana Diop. In his past four games, he has played 3, 23, 8 and 21 minutes, respectively.

In the first 10 games of the season, Shawne Williams did not play in nine games and played three minutes in the other one.

Gerald Green has started 10 games, but his average of 12.4 minutes per game ranks 13th on the 14-man roster.


ESPN's Weekend Dime has a few Mavs related articles on the sidebar -- quotes from JET about the Phoenix rivalry and audio of Marc Stein on the Galloway show.


There was also a blurb from Newsday suggesting that if Mobley retires they would sign Stackhouse if he were bought out.

A lot of teams would probably be interested in Stackhouse if he were bought out, but according to Cuban that isn't going to happen...