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Just Another Thursday Links

Unfortunately, I don't have time this morning to do a full blown links post (especially with the amount of stuff out there).

I'm not sure what to make of everything right now, but I started writing a post about the trade late yesterday afternoon and I anticipate that I will still get the chance to post it eventually. If Dallas wants Kidd (and they clearly do) they'll find a way to make it work. And of course George could still change his mind.

Plus there is the whole issue of Avery trying to tell his team they are good enough to win a Championship when he already agreed to trade 5 of them in a deal that sent the exact opposite message. There is not really any turning back at this point...


Henry Abbott at True Hoop did a great job this morning of rounding up all the Kidd articles from the DFW and NY/NJ papers. You'll definitely want to read through that.


Here is Devean George talking about his decision to block the trade.

Hat tip to DitchThePlaybook


Jason Terry is a Jason Kidd fan.

"If it happens, it happens. It's going to be great for the team, great for the organization," Terry said after the Mavs dispatched Portland 96-76 Wednesday night. "If it doesn't, it's not like it's the end of the world. We've got our same team intact, ready to roll. We're still in second or third place, so it's not like all is lost."

Tas and Skeets spent a lot of time talking about the trade on today's Basketball Jones.


John Hollinger hates this trade for the Mavs, and thinks Kidd is at best a marginal upgrade from Harris. On the plus side, he thinks the Phoenix trade for Shaq was even worse.


David Lord looks at some ways to make the trade work without George. this one is the best.
Hassell, Some Stack, and no Diop. My best alternative is to insert Hassell for Diop and George, assuming they are both merely filler (and not in NJ’s long-term plans). Then an adjustment is worked out where Stackhouse will be taking less buyout from NJ and be getting more new money from Dallas, to balance the cash total.

Mike Fisher's take.

I'm sure there will be more throughout the day.