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The Kidd Trade is Re-Imminent

OK, so we've all heard this before. Marc Stein is reporting that a deal between the Mavs and Nets is imminent. No reason to doubt Stein, the last time he said a deal was imminent he was right -- then Devean George showed up.

Here is latest incarnation of the deal.

Sources say Mavs swingman Trenton Hassell and the unofficially retired Van Horn will be plugged into the trade in place of Jerry Stackhouse and Devean George. If the newly proposed deal gets the league's signoff, New Jersey would receive 24-year-old point guard Devin Harris, center DeSagana Diop, guard Maurice Ager, forwards Hassell and Van Horn, two first-round draft picks and $3 million in cash for Kidd, Nets forward Malik Allen and newly added guard Darrell Armstrong.
The secondary Antoine Wright for a second round pick trade is back on as well.

Before signing Van Horn, the Mavs would have to open up a roster spot (presumably by releasing Nick Fazekas).

At this point I'm pretty certain the trade will happen. Dallas has arguably crossed the point of no return from a publicity and chemistry standpoint, while New Jersey has to know they won't get a player as good as Devin Harris if they hold on to Kidd any longer.

hat tip to zkmavs and philj