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Presidential Links

There appears to be just one sticking point left in the trade.

Van Horn, the onetime Net, has to agree to sign (for roughly $4 million) and must pass a physical. He hasn't played since the 2005-06 season.

David Moore points out how easy this trade will be to judge.
If the Mavericks win a championship with Kidd, the trade was a good one.

If they don't, it wasn't worth it.

Sefko got some quotes from Kidd about what it would be like to play with Dallas.
"It's not going to take long, if it [the trade] happens. I just want to fit in and be one of the pieces of the puzzle. With Dirk and Josh, it's just a matter of them being ready to catch the ball and score."

Jan Hubbars think the Mavs front office did a lot of things wrong trying to complete this trade.


Gil LeBreton has one of his first Mavs articles of the year and says once word of the trade leaked out there was no turning back.


Photo of the day


David Lord and Mike Fisher calculate that this trade is costing Mark Cuban 27 million dollars. Damn.

My office is closed for President's day so I'm going to be out for most of the afternoon. Use the diaries if there is yet another big development.