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It Doesn't Get Anymore 'Imminent' Than This

For real this time. Nets president Rod Thorn, after being told that Van Horn is willing to make 4 million to be included in the trade, sent out word that the deal "appears to be a go."

One hour after Rod Thorn groused over the way everybody had jumped to conclusions about the deal died a dozen deaths, he sent word to a team VP last night that the trade "appears to be a go."

The final hurdle was cleared at roughly 9 PM, when Keith Van Horn consented to sign a $4 million contract that makes the trade work financially and report to New Jersey for what is estimated to be 30 days of work.
The teams will most likely be having a conference call with league officials tomorrow morning to discuss details and make it official.

Kidd, Allen, and Wright (who were excused from Nets practice on Monday) could be suiting up for Dallas Wednesday against the Hornets.