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The Tuesday Mavs Links

Still don't believe it's real? I bet Devin Harris does because he boarded a plane for New Jersey this morning.

"I have a new future to look forward to," Harris said. "I'm looking forward to having a little bit more control, a little bit more freedom over there. I love my teammates here, so it's mixed emotions, but I'm excited about the new challenge."

Harris had yet to hear from Mavericks owner Mark Cuban or any front-office executives, but an airline ticket purchased Monday night and a scheduled noon appointment today with the Nets' medical staff had finally transformed a surreal week of back-and-forth emotions into black-and-white reality.
One quote in this article really grabbed my attention.
"It's tough because they kind of play differently than I do," Harris said when asked recently to measure his game against some of the league's top point guards like Nash, Chris Paul, Deron Williams and Kidd. "They're getting 15, 16 assists some games. I dream about getting 15 assists. It's just not possible with the team I'm on."
Kidd has 5 15+ assist games this season. Who thinks he'll get another one with the Mavs?


Here is the trade as it will apparently go down.

Dallas Gets
Jason Kidd
Malik Allen
Antoine Wright

New Jersey Gets
Devin Harris
Gana Diop
Moe Ager
Trenton Hassell
Keith Van Horn
2008 1st Round Pick
2010 1st Round Pick
3 Million Cash
1.6 Million trade exception


There haven't been any reports on what the Mavs plan to do for a back up center. They could use a Malik Allen/Dirk/Bass rotation, but I think it's more likely they try to sign PJ Brown who they courted heavily in the offseason.


I think most of you know I'm not a real big fan of JJT, but I can't disagree with too much in his article today. Basically he says if this trade doesn't work much of the blame will and should be pointed at Avery Johnson for the first time.
Assuming the trade goes through, Johnson will have a point guard he can trust, a player who could match the toughness and intensity the coach displayed as a player and far exceed his talent on the basketball court.

The trade, which will be reviewed today by the league, does come with a catch: It's Johnson, not Dirk Nowitzki, who will find himself at the epicenter of scrutiny.

That's never happened before.
I still think a lot people will blame Cuban, and the Dirk haters will always exist. Still, there is a lot more pressure on Avery now.


Eddie Sefko has a really good article about why the Mavs felt they needed to make this trade, and it all has to do with Dirk.
The pursuit of Jason Kidd got stronger and more focused every time Mark Cuban and Avery Johnson saw Dirk Nowitzki dragging two or three defenders on his arms when he went up for a shot.

Seeing Nowitzki work as hard as he ever has to get his points – and the toll it has been taking on him – drove the Dallas Mavericks as much as anything toward Kidd.

But it was the way Nowitzki, and to some extent Josh Howard, had to overwork for their points that kept the Mavericks angling for Kidd. They needed a way to procure easier baskets. Kidd may provide it, if the deal goes down.

I'm not buying this at all.


Wondering who else in the NBA has the right to reject a trade to maintain their Bird rights. Wonder no more.

One interesting name on the list is Pietrus who has been begging to get traded away from Don Nelson.


Mike Fisher has a top ten list about the trade that focuses on the good.


This Day in Mavs History
1996 Jason Kidd had 15 assists, the 26th time a Mavs player had 15+ assists and the 8th of 13 times Kidd had 15+ assists with Dallas.