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The Tuesday Mavs Links Part Deux

I've got to get some of these out of the way tonight...

Art Garcia has some short interviews with Josh Howard, Dirk Nowitzki, Avery, Donnie Nelson, and Kidd himself.


The trade from the Nets point of view.


Spurs fan are happy about this trade which is really annoying.


The trade got Mark Cuban to blog about the Mavs again. The reasons for the trade expanded past the court.

The business side. I think we were stagnating some. I think the spark and excitement that JKidd will bring is more than just what his talent offers. There is a reason why Kobe and Lebron were lobbying management to bring JKidd in. We think he will recharge the batteries of not just our players, but the organization, fans, media and even merchandise and advertising sales.
Hmmm, I don't think fans want trades to be made for that reason. Have to admit though, no matter what you think of the trade you want to watch tomorrow's game more than you would have otherwise.


Press conference video.


More good stuff from Mike Fisher.
We were shocked – and pleased – to hear Avery come out and say something we’ve speculated about for weeks: He said Kidd would be to him what he once was as a player under Popovich, a right-hand man and a confidante who "we feel can take some of the responsibility and run with it.’’ Avery’s giving up some responsibility? Good for him. Good for all of us.

Plenty more tomorrow...