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Tuesday Roundup

David Moore write about the positive change Jason Kidd has brought, including Jason Terry rejoining the starting lineup. He also said something about Dirk which I don't think is really true.

Dirk Nowitzki is finding it easier to score.
It's easy to look at Dirk's number in the four games since the trade and think it has something to do with Kidd, but he's actually been on a tear since before the trade. Kelly Dwyer noticed.
Dirk's taking over, homies.

Since an embarrassing loss in Illadelph on February 11th, Nowitzki has averaged 31.5 points and 9.3 boards, and it's about damn time. Yo. The man was (with our endorsement, we submit) taking it easy for the season's first half in order to save some juice for the postseason, but he's been incredibly active off the ball and aggressive with the ball over the last 12 days.
Dirk really hasn't been getting easier points or better looks because of Kidd at all. He's just been completely rejuvenated, and the 12 day span Dwyer mention lines up with when the Kidd to Dallas story really picked up. So Kidd may have something to with Dirk's game lately, but it's all for off the court reasons.


One guy who IS finding it easier to score because of Jason Kidd is Erick Dampier. Damp has always said he feels more involved in the game if he's part of the offense, and last year Avery always made an effort to get the ball in his hands early in the first quarter. Yesterday Dampier had 4 points early (season average is only 5.7) and then went on to have sixteen rebounds and seven blocks (should have been 8). He was a beast.

I feel a little crazy saying this, but I think Dampier averaging around 10 points a game the rest of the season is within the realm of possibility.


Jan Hubbard writes about all the Kidd excitement yesterday. Being sick must have me in a bad mood because I just want to correct stupid details like this.
Late in the first quarter, Kidd started a fast break with a long pass out of the backcourt to Nowitzki, who used both hands to bat the ball to Stackhouse in one motion.

The last time Dirk made a pass like that was, well, never.
Somebody didn't watch the Memphis and Minnesota games over the weekend...


Jamaal Magloire clears waivers at 6:00PM today, and is reportedly leaning towards an offer from the Mavs.

Magloire is far better than nothing and better than a presumably out of shape PJ Brown. Good pickup.


This Day in Mavs History
1999 Shot 20-68 FG, set the team record for fewest field goals made.