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The Monday Morning Links

Well, I missed the Celtics game which was apparently good, but ultimately frustrating. I wish I had missed yesterday's game instead. Yikes.

The game did provide this absolutely hilarious quote from Rodney Stuckey.

Jose Barea, the Mavericks' diminutive point guard, fouled Rodney Stuckey at the end of the first quarter and then held on to him. Stuckey flung his arm away and then got right into Barea's face.

"I'm not backing down from no one," Stuckey said, who earned his first technical foul on the play. "I am not letting anybody punk me. I am going to stand up like a man and face him."
Ummm, Barea is about seven inches shorter than you Rodney. But yeah, way to go man. You're tough.


Yesterday is why we'll never see a team go 82-0 in the NBA. Some days you just can't shoot, and if that day is against a team who is also good defensively you can pretty much forget about it. Of course, we now know an undefeated season doesn't count for much anyway...

The obvious reaction to the 60 point game has been 'Get Well Soon Devin'. Even Dirk jumped in.
"We miss Devin," Nowitzki said. "He's really improved over the last couple years. We need his defense, his scrappiness and definitely his ability to get to the rim. We missed that today."
Here is a statistical comparison of the Mavs with and without Devin.


Harris is off the crutches but still in a boot.


Congratulations to Brandon Bass for being the only Mav to shoot over 50% from the field yesterday.


Jeff Caplan had a surprising article this morning. Devean George wants more playing time or wants out of Dallas.

He barely suited up yesterday because of food poisoning. I haven't had food poisoning in years yet George has had it 4 or 5 times in the last two. Really?


Mike Fisher with an article on the Detroit game, Jason Kidd, and Pau Gasol.


Lowlight of my trip to Vegas? Walking by a sports book Wednesday night and seeing a 30 foot screen out of the corner of my eye. On that screen was the "proposed" three team trade with Kidd coming and Devin leaving. The stupid graphic didn't say proposed anywhere on it and I almost had a heart attack. I stood still with my mouth open for a second before saying "Wait, no way". Just about every possible Kidd trade would be stupid -- that one was retarded. Gil Lebreton agrees.
The trade rumors have suggested that to get Kidd, the Mavericks would have to surrender Devin Harris, DeSagana Diop, Devean George, Jerry Stackhouse and one or more draft picks. One version of the rumors has Harris going to Portland, which is a bad idea on several fronts.

Namely, the Mavericks wouldn't be the Mavericks anymore. They would be the Nets, with German subtitles.
I can't wait for February 21st.


This Day in Mavs History

Nothing all that interesting happened. Maybe Dallas can break some sort of record against Orlando tonight.