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Shaq and the Dallas Mavericks

Oh man, I had to get a post up before the inevitable flood of Google searches...

Here are the facts (well basically there are none). The Miami Herald is reporting that the Heat have informed O'Neal that he might be traded. Apparently they are in serious discussions with the Suns and Marion is involved. That barely makes sense since Marion is currently younger, cheaper, healthier and umm better than Shaq. On top of that, how is O'Neal supposed to play in D'Antoni's system, and haven't the Suns been trying to stay under the cap? The team that's been selling their first round picks for cash wants to take on Shaq for more than 20 million a season -- for two more seasons after this one? Really? None of that make sense to me, but whatever.

Where does Dallas come in? Well, they come up everytime Shaq does and for no other reason but that Dallas gets mentioned everytime a marquee player is available. I'm pretty sure this only happens because people think Mark Cuban is crazy. Maybe he is, but he isn't stupid -- either are Donnie Nelson and Avery Johnson. That didn't stop Dallas from coming up in the Miami Herald article that broke the story.

Dallas also has been mentioned as a potential destination, though the Heat had not immediately informed O'Neal of that possibility.
Who mentioned it? When?

It doesn't say, so I don't know why I'm even bothering.

That's the extent of the connection. Dallas has consistently said they don't want to make a major trade, and not even ESPN, who I feel has been overly loose in their NBA rumor reporting lately, is running with any sort of Dallas angle.

Shaq to Dallas is not happening, and hopefully you don't need me to tell you why that's a good thing.