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Triple Double Links

If weren't for all the Shaq stuff, I was going to have the new poll be whether or not you thought Dirk would get a triple double this season. I would have voted yes, but I thought he would get one last season too...

Dirk was Dirk about it, saying that it taking a decade was "not good".

"Always, getting the assist part has been the problem," Nowitzki said. "At halftime, I think I had five assists, so I was kind of thinking that this might be the night. I've been close other times, so it's nice to get it out of the way.

"It took almost 10 years, which is not good, but at least I got it, and we got the win."
It won't be his last.


Yesterday I had quote from Avery saying that they way to get playing time was to play well when you did play. Devean George has gotten minutes the last two games and according to Avery done just that.
"I told them if this was football, two game balls would be given out," Johnson said. "One would be to Dirk and the next one would be to Devean George with his second-half performance on Mo Williams. He denied him, he harassed him; we trapped him a little bit, but George really brought a lot of energy in there that second half."
So I guess look for George to keep getting minutes.


Devin Harris, who did a good job as a broadcaster during the third quarter yesterday, is out of the walking boot. He's hoping to resume some basketball activity this weekend and actually return after the All-Star break.

When Devin met up with the team yesterday, Avery joked that he considered kicking Devin in the ankle, but he actually gave him a hug.


David Lord at says the Mavs need to make a trade. In particular he likes the idea of getting Mike Miller or Corey Maggete -- maybe even both.

I like both of those players and and they could definitely work for Dallas, but I definitely don't think the Mavs need to make a trade.


This Day in Mavs History
1997 Released Oliver Miller. Miller had appeared in 42 games with Dallas.